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"Tea and Lilies" Large Earrings - Aquamarine & Gold

"Tea and Lilies" Large Earrings - Aquamarine & Gold

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Inspired by and named after Angela Mia's original full-figure sculpture, “Tea and Lilies”, these exquisite earrings are made with 18K Gold-Plate and adorned with hand-painted aquamarine enamel for an elegant aesthetic.

Embodying the spirit of the sculpture, the “Tea and Lilies” earrings are poised, soft, and serene, ready to blossom.

Angela Mia's artistic vision, combined with meticulous craftsmanship, ensures a truly exceptional piece that embodies both beauty and empowerment.


Drop Length: 4 cm. │ Length: 6 cm. │ Width: 3.3 cm.

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