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"Vigor" Classic Earrings - Gold & Black

"Vigor" Classic Earrings - Gold & Black

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Inspired by Angela Mia's full-figure sculpture of the same name, the “Vigor” earrings embody the essence of a remarkable girl who commands respect and gives respect, with a robust character and unwavering values.

Meticulously crafted, the earrings feature an 18k Gold Plate, and are adorned with a poised hand-painted black enamel finish. The contrasting colors exude a sense of strength and elegance, mirroring the formidable nature of a girl who stands tall and assured in herself.

Just like the sculpture that inspired them, the "Vigor" Earrings symbolize the embodiment of resilience and confidence. They serve as a reminder to embrace one's authentic self, stand with unwavering conviction, and project an aura of integrity.


Drop Length: 4.2 cm. │ Length: 6 cm. │ Width: 2.5 cm.

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